Are you an ADT Dealer?

NO! We are an independent, privately owned Alarm Company with our own clients. The only other Company that we do business with is Protect America for which we are an Authorized Dealer in California.

Do you have an Office in Newport Beach?


What do I do if someone comes to my door selling ADT, or another brand, other than Protect America, and they claim they are a National Alarm Company Salesman from our Stanton location?

Please get their name and number and contact our Office, immediately, (800) 483-5111. We will report them to the proper authorities.

Why do I need an Alarm System for my Home or Business?

Statistics show us that homes & businesses without an alarm system are 2 to 3 times more likely to be burglarized.

90% of police state that a burglar alarm helps to deter invasion attempts.

In roughly 85% of burglaries, the intruder gained access through the victim's residence or other areas not protected by surveillance systems.

Most insurance companies offer a discount for homes/businesses that are protected by a Security System.

How does it work?

Your National Alarm Company Security System is monitored 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) When the alarm is tripped, the Monitoring Station will contact you and then dispatch the authorities (Police, Fire, Medical) as needed. In emergencies, we will dispatch immediately. Our Monitoring Station is monitoring your Home or Business all the time.

What happens to my Security System during a power failure?

All of our Alarm Systems have a back-up power supply that will keep the Alarm Systems running in case of a temporary loss of power.

How do I avoid false alarms?

Make sure that all of your Contact information is up-to-date. Any changes, please notify us in writing. Each time the Alarm is activated the monitoring station calls to verify that everything is O.K. The key is to answer the phone, or make sure that someone on the Contact list is able to answer in case you are unavailable. Also, make sure that you, or someone that you've designated knows the password.

What type of equipment will you install?

We install GE, Honeywell, and DSC. All three are the top companies in Alarm Equipment Manufacturing.

How difficult is it to operate the system?

Our systems are very easy to use. The elderly and kids will have no trouble using our systems on a daily basis.

Can you use an existing system?

Yes, we can use and monitor your existing system, or , we can upgrade the system as needed.

What will happen when I have a National Alarm Company Consultant/Technician come to my home/business for a free Consultation?

We will walk through your home/business and answer any questions that you may have and then we will make suggestions about the best way to secure and protect your home or business. It is our goal that we provide you with the best protection at a great affordable price.

How soon will my National Alarm Company Security System be installed?

We can install your Security System within a few days. If there is an emergency, it can be installed the same day.